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About us

Gathering of the Queens is a gathering of women who have discovered their roles and unique positions in the body of Christ. In our gatherings, we are staking our claim that God will glory over us with supernatural favor. 

Like Ruth, the Moabite, while you may have been gleaning in the corners, this year, God will give you your Boaz and the same place where it seemed like you were at the mercy of others, God will give you the field. While some women are focusing their attention on the problems in their environment and circumstances over which they do not have control over, at our gatherings we depend on the favor of God and boldly step out in faith and stand in the gap for our world. Just as Esther was willing to defy all odds and rise from an orphan girl to a Queen in the palace. You may recall that she did not get to this position without preparation in the form of fasting, prayers and physical preparation as recorded in the book of Esther,chapter 4. 

At our gatherings, we also realize that our calling requires courage and that we will be ready to make the same statement by our actions as Esther did in Esther 4:16 “If I perish, I perish”!

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